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Origination and Sourcing

Our team works with US producers to create customer-tailored logistics solutions for their natural resources.  We in turn assist consumers with their commodity sourcing needs to ensure product specification and security of supply. 


Additionally, we focus our origination efforts on long-term commercial opportunities that deliver value, increase optionality and add flexibility to a growing US supply program.  

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Transportation and Storage

Our company offers key midstream services to commodity market participants who require transportation and takeaway of energy and feedstocks on pipelines, railcars, and trucks within the Lower 48 of the United States. 

Spot and term storage provide our customers with the capacity and necessary means to balance product volumes, enhance portfolio economics and improve flow assurance. 

Marketing and Shipping

Our team of commodity marketers regularly review offtake opportunities with suppliers, end-users and creditworthy buyers to open new markets for industry and trade, or to improve logistics in existing markets that present unique challenges to our customers. 

In special situations, our company will consider potential waterborne shipping arrangements that fit within our risk management guidelines and meet our performance targets.

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